Cecil Shnier and his Genealogical Work

In the 1970s, Cecil Shnier began working on the Shnier and Bernstein Family trees, and with much help and response from the family, produced a huge amount of material. Some of it is posted here.

Click here The Bernstein Genealogical Listing
In the 1970s, Cecil worked on the Bernstein Genealogical Listing.
Click here Some Correspondence and Articles
Some documents from Cecil, and replies to them.
Click here Emerson's Centennial and a Letter from Babe
1975 was the centennial of Emerson, Manitoba.
Click here Melfort and Perley Fennell
In 1994, Cecil Shnier wrote an eight-page contribution to a history of Melfort, Saskatchewan.
Click here Cecil's Book
And while we're on the topic of Cecil Shnier, Leo Oppenheim & Co. published his 56-page book entitled Special Assessment Manual; A Guide for the Benefit of Officials of Cities and Towns in Oklahoma, for the Maintenance of Street Improvement Bond and Assessment Records in 1948. Click here to see the listing at Amazon.com.
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