Correspondence and Articles

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January 18, 1974 (Image 1 of 11)    

A letter from Cecil to Ann Gelfat thanking her for information furnished, and a request for more information still.

January 18, 1974 (Image 2 of 11)    

The letter continues, noting that the previous week, Monty Hall made a very well-received presentation to the 1,200 delegates at a Hadassah Convention (in which Cecil and his wife Rae were heavily involved) in Winnipeg. Also, some family updates are provided.

January 18, 1974 (Image 3 of 11)    

Cecil closes the letter “It is nice to hear from you and we hope we will see each other in the not too distant future. Our love to all of you.”.

June 1, 1984 (Image 4 of 11)    

Cecil worked on the Bernstein family listing in the 1970s. In the 1980s, he began working on a listing of the descendents of Mendel and Bluma Shnier, with some information on the Margolis branch. Cecil made up a form for family to provide information, and notes that he maintains the information using dBase II software on an Apple computer, and that he would be happy to provide a copy of the information on diskette to anyone who would like to maintain and update their own information.

(Image 5 of 11)    

Here are some pages from a book on the history of Jewish families. These three pages are on “The Gordon and Bertha Kliman Family”.

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April 25, 1998 (Image 8 of 11)    

A letter from Paul Silverstone who had read Cecil's Bernstein genealogical listing, and who has additional information.

April 25, 1998 (Image 9 of 11)    

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May 28, 1998 (Image 10 of 11)    

Cecil's reply to Paul Silverstone.

May 28, 1998 (Image 11 of 11)    

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